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tuesday, week three

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Well it’s surprising how fast it’s come to only being able to down cold protein smoothies. All kinds of foods are just too much for me. Anything with texture... omg a wicked torture. Bread: like swallowing sand paper, 60 grit.

After radiation I felt like i’d been clocked on the jaw!

Its getting harder to swallow. I can feel the boat leaving the shore. Interestingly at rest, its not really a problem. Its only when I try to swallow. This is going to be an experiment in my ability to withstand pain through mindfulness and mediation. Spoiler alert, I’m not the man of steel.

The good part is that everything above the throat and everything below the clavicle feels just fine, great even. I’m getting ready to go for a hike and then meet with Willie Le Maitre and Siebren Versteeg later in the studio to talk about our contribution to michelle thursz’s show in the image of. I’m looking forward to it. I can talk fine and forget all about the malady when engaged. Ha ha, still a blabber mouth!