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Project Fellowship at FormLab in the Facility for Arts Research

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Invited to be the inaugural Project Fellow at the Facility for Arts Research, Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida (link). During the week of November 18, I worked with co-directors Carolyn Henne (Chair of the Department of Art) and Richard Brunck, staff WIndham Graves, Michelle Ray, Allison Milham and Noah Brock and students Javier Rivera, Craig Ryan and Megan Wilson. Windham Graves has created a large scale extrusion machine he calls the MMAP. Its a large scale 3d printer that extrudes ABS. (link) Its still very much in development but we were able to pull some beautiful prints off it. I also worked with a full color 3d printer, a laser printer, and augmented reality. All of the staff and students assisted in the creation of these works, which I consider to be in prototype state. the steel stand is about 5' tall, the column about the same. 


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please use this mobile app click this link here to view the augmented reality content. I agree with Patrick Lichty that we should call this mixed reality instead of augmented, though, strangely, its still a little homely. Tech: you use the qr tag to load the content, after which you point your phone at the photograph where you view the mixed reality experience. email me if you'd like to trouble shoot it.

Starting with an image from Clown Torture by Bruce Nauman