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2012 Tactical Play Exchange Interview with Vanessa Saraceno

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In Conversation: 
Vanessa Saraceno Interviews Michael Rees and Robert Gero

 Over the past year, Michael Rees and Robert Gero have created a series of artwork based on the strategical play of a particular gallery space and the hundreds of interactions it can produce. Tactical Play Exchange, their first collaborative project, was on view in New York at Pablo’s Birthday Gallery through May 5th. The show moved to Favorite Goods Gallery in Los Angeles, where it was reconfigured according to the new space on May 12th.

This constant-action project begins with the architectural elements constituting the exhibition space—modeled with 3D software in different times and places by the two artists. This to-and-fro movement between the two artists becomes a “networked ground of play” in which the physical quality of sculpture is transformed into an infinitely malleable architecture of relations. 


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2012 Colliding Complexities

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The Curator of Colliding Complexity [dnasab] produced an interview with each artist, posted them to youtube and pinned a qr tag to the wall next to each piece, which was awesome. They were highly edited and by the time he came to my studio [dnasab] told me that most of the artists said there wasn't a new aesthetic. I certainly did and remember saying that I thought what was being talked about as a new aesthetic was actually a style. I've read both bridle's essay and sterling's gust (among a half dozen other reactions) and find that in each case my mind wanders constantly off topic. It neither grips me nor inspires. I find the videos that [dnasab] has posted on you tube to be rich and interesting and chaotic. In this sporadic manner they veer wildly from one to the next subject sometimes striking into complex territories. A good friend lays deep vitriole on the NA. You be the judge...

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