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2012 Colliding Complexities

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The Curator of Colliding Complexity [dnasab] produced an interview with each artist, posted them to youtube and pinned a qr tag to the wall next to each piece, which was awesome. They were highly edited and by the time he came to my studio [dnasab] told me that most of the artists said there wasn't a new aesthetic. I certainly did and remember saying that I thought what was being talked about as a new aesthetic was actually a style. I've read both bridle's essay and sterling's gust (among a half dozen other reactions) and find that in each case my mind wanders constantly off topic. It neither grips me nor inspires. I find the videos that [dnasab] has posted on you tube to be rich and interesting and chaotic. In this sporadic manner they veer wildly from one to the next subject sometimes striking into complex territories. A good friend lays deep vitriole on the NA. You be the judge...

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