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End of week two

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Oh boy, what a week. It’s been amazing. I feel like I’m tripping the light fantastic. I don’t feel like i’m sick on a cancer slog. The symptoms of treatment are only beginning to appear. I would describe it as the radiated cells sloughing off the lining of my mouth. It feels like the tumorous tonsil is getting softer and smaller and I can’t tell anything about the neck lymph tumors. I want to make separate posts, hopefully in the next days about various things: tripping the light fantastic, my opening in Michele’s show In the Image of, my experiences on the radiation table on Thursday and Friday. Over indulging in taste sensations as a short term au revoire to taste, and some thoughts on metaphysics. I‘ve decided to take the password off the blog so that its open and will make a list for people to get pinged when a new post comes up. So much going on and here’s the long and short of it. At the end of week two no one can convince me that this is a net negative experience. This is a transformation for me. I feel myself kicking it up. Moving forward. Living large. This is a transformation!