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Cancer Dream

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I did have a dream that I didn’t record. Not sure which day it was. It was the first “cancer” dream that I had where I saw it, confronted it as a player.

The body processed by history, memory, institutions.

The body processed by history, memory, institutions.

I was viewing, walking along side of, traversing a large scale site, it seemed industrial a plant. There was some implication that I was searching for my studio. There were 2 or 3 other people that appeared as the coroner of the building opened up. It was a 3 story building in height but no floors. It stretched back in a vast space. and there were discrete cells. It felt clearly even in the dream like a metaphor for the body. The three people I was traversing with, maybe including Mary Ann too were kind of being lifted down into an area. The area was one of these cells clearly a bit corrupt. There was a stench even though in the dream I felt nothing. I was really more afraid of a stench. I looked upon it it was a dense stacking of manufactured gridded squares but they were offset one upon another. (writing now it reminds me of Kafka’s Penal Colony) They were laid in with grime and filth but it was organic not synthetic and it was swarming with flies and insects and creatures. It was somewhat contained and set off to the side. But as we continued to traverse it gave way to a transition in the building and there was some other putrid material force smeared and become like a creature. I had the sense that it was disgusting and that people were living there, or how could they live there and sleep there. and this smudging creosote material force wolf gave way to some people, one’s back smeared with it. At first I thought I would see them and be disgusted but they were waking up, coming clean.

Images from Kaflka of the Penal Colony, of the harvester he describes therein resonate. Also from The Metamorphosis. These are two stories I loved in college. The Penal Colony continues to resonate especially when one imagines the machine that will sculpt my tumors with radiation.