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Treatment Week

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We’ve been through so much to get to this week. I’ve had symptoms since September of 2018 which became pronounced the first week of January 2019 by a chronic sore throat in the upper left tonsil. Diagnosed on February 14th after biopsy, ct, and pet scan. I’ve met some 14 different doctors (surgeons, radiation oncologists, and medical oncologists mostly) and dentists. Then there’s the nurses and social workers and psychologists. Even family members like Michael Earle of Ouray Gardens who grows and makes hemp based CBD oil. (His website here) I’ve been talking talking, listening listening. I’ve also had a lot of support from Mary Ann, Jack Rees, and many willing friends and family for helping me weed it all out.

I had to make the decision about where to go for treatment. I truly felt I would get the same level of care at memorial Sloan Kettering or Hackensack University Medical.  The choice was between two systems: Sloan Kettering is more like a University and Hackensack more like a college. I met really good people and really good doctors and nurses in both places and chose to go to Sloan’s Montvale, New Jersey location. It’s a little further but has some other perks. 

i still have some trepidation about the treatment. I’m an over communicator and realize there are limitations to all the things you are able to take in. I’ve been aware of this malady and it’s attendant body of knowledge for a few months. Most of the people working in this have been educating themselves for years. In short I trust these people to do what they have been training to do. And I plan to have a miraculous recovery! 

I have some anxiety but am very optimistic about what’s ahead. People who’ve met me see me as healthy and capable. So klink a glass and say a prayer! I sincerely hope my cancer and it’s treatment are as predictable as an accountant in Ohio. Smooth sailing ahead!

Joana Vasconcelas

Joana Vasconcelas