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ClownTown Augmented Reality Triggers

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This exhibition utilizes augmented reality extensively. I'm posting the triggers which will allow you to access the augmented reality if you download the apps below onto your phone or tablet. You can have a limited experience of the augmented reality. Please read the limitations of each one. 

Advanced: Android only: you can download the ClownTown application and install it on your android tablet or phone. (no support) click here for android app This includes everything except that the sculptures will not be visible in the app's camera view. There are also some bonus images that weren't in the show. 

Easy: Android and IOS: you can download augment and scan each of the photos through their app. click here for augment app  This will not include the interactive games or videos so some of the triggers won't work at all. 

To download the exhibition catalogue for titles and dimensions click here.