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This is an on again - off again chronicle of my dance with HPV positive tonsil cancer that has moved to lymph nodes in my neck. I’ve met with two teams of Doctors and have also been advised by friends who are Doctors, and guided by the common sense of friends and family. Many of these people know my peculiar idiosyncrasies. I had already been seeing a psychologist who luckily has deep experience with cancer care. I have also met some excellent nurses and social workers.  My network is beautiful, potent.

The prognosis is excellent. Some 90-95% of people with this malady are cured! I am on the fence whether I’d make this blog public but I’d like to make it available to friends and family who want to know whats going on. I’m turning comments on but I reserve the right to turn them off.

i’m in for an adventure, destined to be changed for the better, my perceptions of human life deepened and enlarged. In my first years in college I studied mythology and rarely caught a story without some significant challenge to the protagonists. Those challenges always bear the seeds of change and understanding! Viva metaphor! Viva the facile mind! I hope to see opportunity in adversity!  

I feel very good right now. I feel only that I need to correct something that’s off. My spirits are good. I’m grateful on that February day when I heard the diagnosis that it was net positive!