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knowing versus feeling

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I lost a post. I think it was pretty well written and now I feel like I have to write it again, at least as well as I wrote it before. Oh the pressure.


It was about knowledge vs feeling. How can you feel something to be so true and know something that is just false. I say false instead of wrong because knowing isn’t exactly objective either. I gathered somewhere along the line that we have the remnants of an ancient brain in our guts, something that through evolution has migrated there. It is one of the reasons we have such a collection of nerves  in the gut (digestion noted). This supposedly accounts for “gut instinct”. But this conundrum doesn’t let knowing off the hook. Knowing is a kind of feeling too. Its a mental process that counts on denying your “feelings” about things and focusing on what you can know empirically about them to reign supreme. It tries to be more objective. There is no science without statistics and of course we’ve all met these poor creatures who have zealously dedicated themselves to data. I’m losing the gist but wanted to conclude that there are no facts without values. It is so very difficult to separate them out. Now while we fiddle as Rome burns, in the background there are thousands of robot and data scientists constructing the world of statistical evaluation. Like it or not we’re going there. Feelings will be relegated to the play ground. Our vast inner life relegated to raves and week long desert soirees. Our subjective feelings will remain. As an artist I draw heavily upon this one state while playing that I know a thing or too about the other. And when you have cancer, you are living inner experience while the data and statistics of what work is enacted upon you. I return again and again to the harrow in the penal colony.  Some sentence will be written on my back when this is all through.