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I have a practice that is dynamic and electrifying. I feel so fortunate when I enter this space. I start by imagining a plane roughly parallel to the ground. It turns 90 degrees and begins to transit through my body, starting at my toes. I see the cross section shapes that are made at the intersection of my body and the plane and then imagine that there is a bit of heat at the intersection, almost a fire. The plane transits slowly up my body, lighting it up along the way, the calves, knees, thighs hips and pelvis, the waist and gut, the chest, warming and tingling. It continues to the neck. Here the plane breaks so that it’s cross section is a triangle connected to 2 extending planes. As it continues up, the area where my tumors are open up. Out falls these strange hexagonal packages. They seemed crystallized fossils, some relic, but this is a cleansing, a releasing. I have to stop myself from worrying where they go and instead let them go. Sometimes the screen (plane) agitates at the neck, then it continues up and flattens back into a single plane. Also tingling and activating my skin, eyes too, top of head. Here I let go and feel the light. Waves of color come over me mainly purples and greens but also other colors. Sometimes on glorious lucky days washes of gold and white light come over me. Sometimes I feel the energies of others, see outlines of things, patterns of people. And so it continues until I let off to return, definitely energized. 

On some days I imagine out of my feet and the bottom of my pelvis (the taint) I imagine growing or connecting to huge roots that have grown into the ground. When i’m Not doing this sitting on the ground plane, they grow through the floors and then connect into the earth.  they are magnificent full muscular organic. 

I have also seen images of a vacuum that vacuums up around the tumors, sucking away the dead cells and even some living ones.  

I both see these things, as in witness them, and collaborate with them. I do not create them. The images are not wholly mine and yet they are of my mind.  

Sculptures by Henrique Olivieira. Vacuum by hoover designed by Henry Dreyfus.