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Diary Saturday, February 27

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First entry. The self consciousness of writing a diary is always daunting. It’s benefits clearly outweigh the self doubt of low self esteem. I’m especially sure it’s important to start keeping notes on what happens here and why. 

The thing that stands out the clearest is Dr M’s cavalier attitude when I asked him about the lumps in my neck. And he told me: “nothing to worry about, want to feel mine?” He told me something else about the lymph glands getting hard from age and not functioning as well. He asked if it hurt and I said a little, he said good because cancerous cells don’t hurt. Or something like that.

As this unfolds, I’m most frustrated by this. That was years ago, certainly during the Spring of 2016. I don’t want to sue him, but somehow I want to express my frustration and disappointment to him.

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