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Participating in The C of O

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Detail of Parrott Parrott. The work on the left grows from a collaborative exchange with Chris Manzione.

Detail of Parrott Parrott. The work on the left grows from a collaborative exchange with Chris Manzione.

Press Release for the Cult of Orginality Show

I'm in a show that opens soon. Its an art exhibition about originality issues "The C of O Show" (cult of originality) opens at Ramapo College on March 27 in the Kresge Gallery on campus. There will be an opening reception on March 27 from 5 to 7 p.m. Artist and curators' talks begin at 6 p.m. The exhibition continues through May 1.
"The C of O Show" has been co-curated by Director of the Art Galleries Sydney O. Jenkins and Hannah Craft Art Galleries Documentation Assistant. Included artists: 
Barbara Bloom, the artists' collaborative HANIMAL, Joshua Knoblick, Liza Lou, Israel Lund, Yoko Ono, Michael Rees, Stephanie Syjuco, Kehinde Wiley, and Hennessy Youngman.

Parrot Parrot

2013Rees was invited by the curators to work with pieces from the Ramapo’s Bukstein Collection in combination with his own sculptures, some of which evolved from back and forth digital collaborations with Chris Manzione.  The fabricated objects are made through various means: drawn, modeled, extruded, voxilized, clayed: each working through different states of mediation. The result is developed in situ, in conversation with the curators and in relationship with other artists in a semiotic fabric. The objects are at play as they are considered in relationship to one other. The final work reflects an action where objects are repeated, parroted, and changed as they are considered. This work furthers Rees's interest in a process which employs an iterative and generative technique, where objects are created through a network of relationships and can flip sculptural roles by adapting multiple positions and inferences.

From the piece top to bottom left to right

left to right top to bottom

1. H Trope 23a, plastiscene clay, 4"x6"x3", 2013 (with Chris Manzione htropecmmrcmmrmrmrmrcmmrmr)

2. S Master 6, painted pla, 6"x4"x4", 2013

3. S master 21 with frame animation, painted pla, 0:38' video,4"x9"x3"

4. H Trope 23, painted pla 8"x5"x3", 2013  (with Chris Manzione htropecmmrcmmrmrmrmrcmmrmr)

5. Chinese Figure with Monkeys (From the Buckstein Collection)

6. Parrott (From the Buckstein Collection)

7. S Master 8, painted polyurethane, 6"x3"x2", 2012

8. Parrott (From the Buckstein Collection)

9. Splinter, painted pla, 5.5"x7"x4", 2013

10. Irreconciled Fabrication, 7"x14"x4", 2013

11. double tree, painted polyurethane, 4"x5"x9", 2011