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07.2013 Fishing Wholes and Paradoxical Structures

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Robert Gero and Michael Rees
June 10- August 23rd, 2013
Trois Gallery, Savannah College of Art and Design
Atlanta, Georgia


unstable apparatus (first there is a mountain. then there is no mountain. then there is.), 2013
2 plush fleece image blankets, 4 custom image pillows, tape, and pins, sound recording

fidelity to finite systems, 2013
Polyurethane foam, wire, painted wire and painted 3d print. 

inescapable excess (leap), 2013
Printed vinyl, plywood, polyurethane foam and pigment, 3d prints and pigment

replicating systems rupture, 2013 
Painted polyurethane foam, pigment and 3D prints

intervening phenomena, 2013
Painted polyurethane foam, joint compound, painted 3D print, steel couplings, and video projection

enigmatic response(Ernie Kovacs), 2013
Polyurethane foam, synthetic rug, steel, painted 3D print and video projection

continuous error, 2013
3d print, steel rod, steel and plastic support, brackets, duct tape, barrel costume

fishing wholes: action fault 1-5, 2013
PLA Material, polyurethane plastic, EPS Foam, dimensions variable

drawings 1-6: in collaboration with SCAD Students: Anthony Cerilli, Heather Hutton, Andrew Landers, Cara Mayuski, Suzanne Sellers, Ginger Tontaveetong

Installation view 1 and 2

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