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I spent the weekend with friends! Mary Ann and I organized several people to come over to the house. It worked out to be international day with Feride from Turkey, Louise from the Netherlands, and our aunt Delphia and cousin Angela both of whom have lived abroad in multiple lands. It makes me want to travel! I’m eager to get up and go! To hell with the treatment! Well, it’s a sentiment at least! 

This week i’m over the hump and on the back side of the treatment mountain. there are still challenges to come but it feels fairly incremental from week to week and hopefully very manageable. I have done 2/3 chemo sessions which really last a week and my body seems to have handled that just fine. Sleepy but all the blood indicators are good and the kidneys are doing fine. 

I continue to imagine the tumors being suckled, chewed on, and drained off by some large fish, a hybrid between a carp and a piranha.  After a session I pull out the vacuum to suck up the remainders. Viva l’imagination!