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The adventures of the week are all bodily. Today I helped Michele Thursz take down my pieces in her show In the Image of. The physicality of deflating 4 large pieces and rolling them up while the air is sucked out of them gave me some robust excercise for the day. Anyone that goes through chemo and radiation experiences constipation. It’s kind of refreshing that nurses and Dr’s discuss it  naturally. Of course no one in polite company wants to hear a word about it. Suffice it to say today was a day of movements. 

B is for Bang, when Thomas Heatherwick was an interesting sculptor.

B is for Bang, when Thomas Heatherwick was an interesting sculptor.

Interesting to compare this day to other days receding in history. In that time historians on some internet page only found it notable to mention 14 dates out of 75. So on 61 days on planet earth people were busily going about their lives enjoying themselves and their movements and their own histories.

May 11 in history: 

2001 - China American spy plane

China agrees to free crew members of an American spy plane that had collided with a Chinese fighter plane, killing its pilot.

1996 - Lebanon Israel Air Strike

Israel has carried out a series of air strikes on Hezbollah targets in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. The assaults on Hezbollah targets in "Operation Grapes of Wrath" are in retaliation for rocket attacks two days ago on northern Israeli settlements.

1994 - Serbia US Air Strikes

Serbia facing additional air strikes from US on 5 additional Muslim enclaves and to try to force the Serbs back into peace talks.

1982 - Falkland Isles Naval Blockade

Britain imposed a Naval Blockade with a 200 mile Radius on the Falkland Isles today and warned that Argentina Ships within that would be sunk as hostile following the invasion of the Falklands by Argentina , both sides are now preparing for war.

1980 - U.S.A. New Rules Re Sexual Harassment

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued regulations prohibiting sexual harassment in the workplace of workers by supervisors.

1979 - Uganda Idi Amin Deposed

Tanzanian backed rebels seize control in Uganda and the Ugandan dictator Idi Amin is deposed as president of Uganda and flees to Libya.

1970 - U.S.A. Apollo 13

NASA launched Apollo 13 , America's third manned moon-landing mission, from Cape Kennedy, Florida today, Two days after launch, an oxygen tank on the spacecraft exploded, forcing the astronauts to abandon their mission. Although they had only a small supply of oxygen, water and power, the Apollo 13 crew managed to safely return to Earth in the spaceship's lunar module.

1968- U.S.A. Civil Rights Act of 1968

President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968 , prohibiting housing discrimination and providing protection for civil rights workers. President Johnson, voicing outrage at the slaying of Dr. Martin Luther King and the violence that followed it, has signed an historic open-housing bill, The new law will prohibit discrimination in 80 per cent of all housing sales and rentals by 1970.

1965 - U.S.A. Palm Sunday Tornadoes

The Palm Sunday Tornadoes of 1965 strike Indiana and the surrounding states. In Indiana alone, 1200 people were injured and over 135 were killed.

1961 - Israel Adolf Eichmann

Adolf Eichmann went on trial in an Israeli courthouse today. accused of mass murder and the helping in the death of millions of Jews in German Concentration Camps during World War II.

1957 - Singapore Self Rule

The British government allows the island colony of Singapore to govern itself under a new constitution agreed in London. Great Britain will continue to control external affairs and defense.

1953 - U.S.A. Prison Riot Minnesota

1000 Inmates from Stillwater Prison start fires, smash windows and shout profanities at the guards during a prolonged prison riot. 

1947 - U.S.A. Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson took to the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers in an exhibition match between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Yankees becoming the first black player to play in Major league baseball. On April 15th he took to the field for Brooklyn Dodgers on opening day when the Dodgers defeat the Boston Braves, 5-3.

1945 - US Troops Liberate Buchenwald Concentration Camp

United States forces liberated a concentration camp in Buchenwald, Germany today. Over Twenty thousand inmates were free today after its capture. Since 1933 , approximately 200,000 persons doomed to sadistic death or a living hell passed through the gates of the electrically-charged barbed-wire enclosure as infamous as the camps at Dachau and Oranienburg.